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You started that day crawling through the hot city in your Toyota truck, a compact model that you had grown to love. You felt at home in it. On this day you were buzzing around slower cars and swearing at the stoplights you kept hitting. …

abstract procreate painting by me

NOTE: Too often we find ourselves stuck in roles that were thrust upon us: for me, it was the role of the good Catholic girl, or a happily-married person, or a successful professional. This poem is about the decades I spent trying to play a part that wasn’t for me.


YES is something you feel down to the bone.

When I get a writing opportunity with a nonprofit: YES.

Dedicating time to better habits like yoga and journaling: YES!

Earlier this week my friend Sarah B posted a very profound (and admirably authentic) article. One that filled me with YES.

I’ve mentioned what the last couple of years were like for me on my personal blog and elsewhere. It’s strange to think that it’s been almost three years since the “official” end of my marriage was finalized on paper a year ago.

But I’m finding that it’s helpful for me…

When I first moved out here to Virginia — somewhat suddenly, with a car full of my clothes and a few necessities — I really had no idea what my plans were going to look like for the near future.

Or even an idea of my distant future.

See, I’ve…

Rachel T. Winstead

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